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An Introduction to Wayne New Jersey and its Limos

By writer (414 words)
Posted in Events on September 02, 2015

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Wayne, New Jersey


Wayne, New Jersey, in Passaic County is the business home of Ultimate Party Bus and Limo, a family-owned and well-regarded limousine company. Wayne is 14 miles NW of Newark, New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan is less than 20 miles away.

Wayne is a popular center for limos and party buses. The demographics of the area supports a consistently increasing demand for these vehicles, along with a growing population that is always celebrating life events to their fullest.

In 2006 Wayne was ranked 32nd in Money Magazine's list of best places to live for towns in the United States with populations larger than 50,000. Wayne includes numerous lakes which have communities built around them. The Passaic River flows through the municipality and Wayne is commonly considered to be part of the New York metropolitan area.

Wayne New Jersey has been a magnet for limos and party buses over the years. Driving down a main highway in Wayne, and it’s not unusual to encounter a beautiful limo or large party bus transporting everyday people to their special venue or event. Whereas this type of transportation was once regarded as exclusively for the rich and famous, nowadays everyone in Wayne has considered or is considering using this type of transportation.

Limo fleets in and around Wayne are very interesting and diverse. Ultimate Party Bus and Limo, for example, maintains a wide selection of these vehicles for every type of purpose. Heading to a football game? Gathering your buddies for a bachelor’s party? Wedding being planned? You name it, and there is a limo or party bus in Wayne that is a perfect fit.


I-80 at NJ-23 in Wayne (TrafficLand)

Wayne is the home to some wonderful lodges and hotels, with limos readily available to transport guests quickly and safely to their events.

The bottom line is that the selection of limos and party buses for Wayne is quite extraordinary:


Wayne New Jersey Limo and Party Bus

If you live in or near Wayne, New Jersey, or plan to visit the area for business or pleasure, companies like Ultimate Party Bus and Limo are ready to serve you with skilled, safe and professional drivers.

By the way, be sure to visit the Willowbrook Mall when in Wayne. There are some interesting attractions near the mall as well.


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