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Ultimate Guide to the Best New Jersey Limousine

Ultimate Guide to the Best New Jersey Limousine

By writer (743 words)
Posted in Transportation on June 15, 2017

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Ultimate Guide to the Best New Jersey Limousine


New Jersey is a trendy place for limousine enthusiasts. It is probably because residents and visitors understand the value and quality that limousines represent. However, how did it all start?

Whenever we hear the word - limousines, the first thing that comes to our mind is lavish, expensive vehicles affordable only by the well to do. Have you ever thought why in after all of these years, limousines still enjoy the attention and admiration that they were known for ever since they have come into existence?

Here is a brief overview about why limousines are still the most luxurious and elegant vehicle of transportation.

Origin of Limousines

The word "limousine" owes its origin to the Limousin region in France and its meaning evolves from a type of cloak and hood that was worn by the inhabitant shepherds of this region. This was because the covered compartment of limousines physically resembled the raised hood of the cloak worn by these shepherds.

The essence of limousines comes from the concept of a chauffeured vehicle that has been in existence since 1700's. For the wealthy in this province, it was a common practice to use horse drawn carriages, gilded in gold and pulled by the finest animals. In a limousine, the driver and their fare are in entirely separate compartments and this is the notable feature that distinguished early limousines from other vehicles.

The first automobile limousine was developed in 1902. It was designed in a way so that they sat outside under a separate covered compartment. As the years passed by, the demand for spacious interiors grew which paved way for the creation of first stretch limousine in the year 1928. The first stretch limousine was created by a coach company named Armbruster in Fort Smith, Arkansas. During those days popular band leaders such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman used stretch limousines for transportation of their bands, orchestras, equipment as well as their instruments across various parts of the United States. As a result of this, these early stretch limousines were often referred to as "big band buses."

Official Definition of Limousines

In 1916, an official definition of limousine was penned down by the Society of Automobile Engineers, it stated that a limousine can be defined as: "a closed car seating three to five inside, with driver's seat outside." Two versions of standard limousines were then derived - Berline and Broughan. A Berline being a limousine having the driver's seat enclosed and a brougham being a limousine with no roof over the driver's seat.


Limousine - The Luxury Transport Vehicle

Limousines started gaining popularity as a luxury vehicle during the 1920's. In the 1930's, the popularity of limos started to peak with high profile corporate and celebrities considering transportation via limousines as a status symbol. During this time, leading hotels started using the vehicle to ferry guests from the airport to the hotel, thus the nickname "Airporter Stretch Coach" was born. With a rise in demand, limousines were extensively being used for sightseeing tours and corporate transportation. The growing popularity of limos triggered the movie industry and they also jumped into the bandwagon. Movie production houses started using limousines to carry film crew and stage personnel around movie sets. The buzz around was that you weren't considered "Royal" unless you arrived in a stretch limousine. Therefore all top actors, actresses, bureaucrats and corporate biggies made it their common accessory to showcase their lavish lifestyle. Soon after, the six-door limousine was invented. These were built on Cadillac Chasis' and added to the ever increasing popularity of this vehicle.

Limo usage across the globe has grown in many countries to "no drink and drive" policies implemented by various governments. Apart from the comfort, style, lavish interiors, space and other luxury benefits, the separate driver and fare compartment makes it the most preferred vehicle for transportation for high profile guests.

Even though limousines are prominently used to shuttle the rich and famous, the new breed of stylish limos with new technologies and ability to carry much larger numbers of people are gaining popularity. These new fleet of limos are perfect for shuttling large numbers of people around to parties, clubs, proms, corporate events, weddings and wine tours.

More information about reserving a limo is available by calling Ultimate Party Bus and Limo at (201) 820-3410.

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