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A New Jersey Limousine For Your Wedding Day

These fun vehicles are available in a variety of forms such as traditional limousines, stretch limousines, party buses and more. Traditional limousines are probably the most popular among the different types of cars. This type of limo is mostly an extension of a typical four-door sedan, with the exception that it is attached with a host of interesting features. There is no doubt about it: limousines are chic and always stand out for your New Jersey wedding or special event.

They have now become a wave in the large car industry. A limousine is a perfect choice to enliven special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, prom nights, business meetings, birthdays, and much more.

One of the important features of this type of cars is that passengers can enter via multiple doors. These are primarily used when there is a large group of people traveling to particular locations such as a casino, wedding chapel, or a vacation destination. When it comes to the exotic custom varieties, as the name suggests, they would be coupled with all of the sophisticated features that a customer is looking for.

A car of this type usually has a variety of  sophisticated features. One of the main features of this vehicle is that it would be long, with ample space as well as seats. Another main feature of a limo is that it is driven by a chauffeur. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, a car of this type is typically black or white in color. Above all, most are equipped with awesome features, including:

– Plush seats

– Color TV

– CD / DVD Players

– Vanity Mirrors

– Glasses and Openers

– Mirrors

– Climate Control

– Window shading

– Refrigerator stocked with beverages

– Sun or moon roof

– Privacy Windows

– Ice Compartments

There are also certain varieties with stylish interior details, apart from high end amenities such as a big screen Plasma TV, superb sound systems, smoke machine, lasers, and the latest in navigation technology. Mostly included in the limo’s fleet are luxury cars providing utmost comfort.

Nowadays, limos have become a status of symbol, and have become an important segment of important events such as weddings, evening or night outs, airport transfers, casino trips, wine tours, anniversaries, business meetings, birthdays, baccalaureate parties, and prom nights.

Call Ultimate Party Bus and Limo now at 973-722-2111 to plan for transportation to and from your very special event.

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