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Summer means one thing for wine aficionados – wine tasting. It gives fellow wine lovers a chance to meet and taste the year’s fine selection of wines and compare the characteristics of each. Ultimate Party Bus and Limo gives you a chance to do this with finesse. Sign up for a tour and rub shoulders with other fans or, if there is a group ready, then tours can be designed around them.

These trips are to wineries in South West New Jersey and Long Island, where some of the best grapes are grown. Ultimate Party Bus and Limo has special wine tour events specially designed for different levels of expertise.

Tasting Room for Beginners

For beginners who have not explored more than their favorite bottle of Chardonnay, this is the tour to sign up for. There are tasting notes available between each of the tasting sessions that helps a novice understand the subtle textures and flavors that come together with the wine. The wineries are a great place to meet the makers of the wine and help a wine lover understand the process that goes behind the perfect glass.

For the More Reformed Palette

For the more advanced lover of wines, they need little knowledge to be given about the finer differences. The limo is a great place for them to exchange their views and ask questions and hydrate in between each tasting. They know how to pair food with the wines well and need little direction.

The To-Do’s Of Tasting

There are a few things to keep in mind while going on wine tastings:

– Eating before a tasting will help in enabling a wine lover to enjoy the tasting without getting tipsy.

– Deciding what to wear for a wine tasting can be a difficult decision. Black is too hot but white may result in wine stains.

– Any heavy aromas or tastes will take away the subtle smells and tastes of the wine. Avoid all scents such as heavy perfumes, tobacco, mint or after-shave.

– Most places have specials and exclusive selection of wines that won’t be available in stores. These tastings give wine lovers the privilege and a few sweet bargains.

– People who go for wine tastings are encouraged to carry their own wine containers as not all wine makers will have containers for everyone that come to their farm.

Ultimate Party Bus and Limo allows wine tasters a day with different wineries and allows them to exchange experiences and recharge between each winery. There are other services you can avail as well – whether it is for an all night out with friends or an airport pick up for a loved one.

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