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Limos Are Affordable and Fast

Some folks still believe that limos are an overly lavish way to reach any occasion. How do you define lavish? Nice but exceedingly expensive? Maybe not. Maybe it’s time to redefine that word as far as limos are concerned.

It’s a fact that NJ limos can be very affordable.

This writer personally had some unpleasant experiences with taxi services in New Jersey this summer. One driver had no familiarity with the area or the destination he was taking me to. He also had no GPS capability in the cab. Another driver arrived in a cab with no working air conditioning on a 90-degree day. Still another received a speeding ticket near Wayne, New Jersey while I was a passenger in the taxi and still another cab broke down at my destination.

This was for business travel. Did I need this? Of course not.

Now, don’t get me wrong. A taxi can sometimes be preferable for short distance trip but when it comes to covering long distances with reliability a taxi can be an expensive affair, since it charges you by minute for each mile. A limo charges fees for an hour. Most importantly, for heavy traffic or long distances, a limo ride is much more affordable than a taxi service.

To get a taxi service you have to wait much longer, and frequently in a big city you have to keep standing in a long line and wait for a taxi to arrive. A limo service is altogether a much more relaxing experience as you do not have to wait. You can book your limo online stating the address to pick you up from and then have the chauffeur arrive in advance to greet you and direct you to the limo, taking off the burden of carrying your heavy luggage. A taxi driver is ordinary when compared to a chauffeur, who is much more skilled, courteous and usually has a pleasant appearance. A taxi driver will serve you in haste, trying to make you reach your destination quickly without taking care of your comfort. He often won’t bother to even look at you or greet you.

Limos are faster than taxis. With a limo you will reach your destination in time, as the limo chauffeur waits in advance, unlike the cab, which you get after hours of waiting. In that case you might arrive late to reach your destination.

With a limo you can get also arrange for special service that includes wine and flowers, which is not possible in a taxi. You will make a favorable impact on your family, friends and business associates, while you reach your destination in a limo.

Not only the A list celebrities or politicians but now even all of us can afford the services of a limo and travel with comfort, class and style. Book now and enjoy the benefits of limo service NJ



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