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New Jersey Party Bus

Your New Jersey prom is about to get even more memorable.

Ultimate Party Bus and Limo will get you there in style. And in case you thought the prom is the main event, think again. Getting there is an amazing part of this lifetime memory.

It starts with a ride in style. A ride that is fun. A ride that is safe. A ride to remember.

Ultimate Party Bus and Limo is the transportation expert you need to make it a perfect event. They have the experience, the fleet, and the professional, experienced drivers to deliver a perfect and enjoyable experience.

Maybe you hadn’t thought about it, but you only just started hearing about getting there in a party bus? Good decision. You’ve definitely come to the right place.

Ultimate Party Bus & Limo party buses are often used as a shuttle bus or as an actual party site for special occasions. Party Buses are also known as limo buses, party rides, luxury buses and limousine buses.

Ultimate Party Bus & Limo has a fleet of party buses with great seating facilities. And the party bus facilities? They are just visually amazing and have to be seen. It puts the fun into getting there, for sure. And for proms, weddings and other special occasions, take everyone there in style.

If you’re in North Wayne, NJ, for example (where Ultimate Party Bus & Limo is based), and seeking a very special ride, this is the right place.

Your NJ Prom

Do you have a prom planned or some special event or occasion? You’ve known the date, and you heard about limo party buses that you could rent. And now it’s the time to check into this option to find out why it’s becoming a very popular trend.

NJ limo party buses take the idea of a stretch limo, SUV or Hummer conversion to the next level. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be a stretch SUV or Hummer, or they can be actual commercial coaches that have been tricked out as traveling party pads. Think about it – wouldn’t it be great to take care of transportation, entertainment and safety – all in one vehicle?

Think of proms, weddings, prom parties, and family reunions, even pub-crawls. Your NJ party bus will transport you and your guests to your destination in style and comfort and the party can start as soon as the guests are on board, or the party bus can be the destination. Transport your guests to a lovely setting and stay on board to party the night away.

If you need to pick up some guests at the airport, the vehicle can double as an airport limo service, helping you get your tired travelers into the spirit on arrival. The fun can begin as you’re pulling out of the terminal!

Limos are very popular for high school proms. But imagine splitting the expense among 15 couples, as opposed to just one or two. The added advantage is that whole groups of worried parents can relax knowing their graduating high school seniors aren’t driving around on prom night. In addition, due to state laws, parents can rest assured that underage kids on the party bus are consuming no liquor. The limo services are very protective of their licenses and will make sure that all applicable laws are obeyed.

Do you have a short vacation planned, such as a ski trip or a weekend at a mountain cabin? Why not combine your trip with your transportation and start the party before you get to your destination? How convenient, no worries about drinking and driving, parking or getting lost, and everyone can arrive at the same time.

As always of course, do your homework first; especially when it comes to contract signing time. Be sure to book your limo well in advance of the special occasion so you get your choice of vehicles. A professional company like Ultimate Party Bus & Limo in North Wayne NJ can always help.

Once you find the vehicle you like and you’ve signed on the dotted line, relax – and leave the driving to the chauffeur.

In Wayne, NJ and beyond, Ultimate Party Bus and Limo is the smart choice.

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