Ultimate Party Bus and Limo

Why Choose Ultimate Party Bus & Limo?

Planning to use your own car on your wedding day? Is your parent driving you to your prom? Celebrating your graduation in a friend’s backyard? Waiting to hail a cab to get you to the airport? Driving an esteemed business client around town yourself?

There are a number of ways in which you can add a dash a luxury to each of the above scenarios qualify for an upgrade! Why choose any other alternative when Ultimate Party Bus & Limo adds that much needed pizzazz, panache and luxury to private transportation?

Ditch that vehicle of yours for the next special occasion and take a break from driving yourself and others around by choosing the smarter way out – hire a limousine or party bus from Ultimate Party Bus & Limo today!

Always at your Service

2 am in the morning or 5 pm in the evening, you will always find a vehicle and a driver to transport you wherever you need to go with Ultimate Party Bus & Limo. Their comprehensive services extend to all types of occasions and general transportation needs.

Their outstanding fleet of limousines and party buses is hired for:

•    Airport transfers

•    Amusement park trips

•    Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

•    Birthday parties

•    Casino trips

•    City tours

•    Corporate events

•    Dates

•    Graduation

•    Nights Out

•    Picnics

•    Prom

•    Sweet 16 parties

•    Tailgating

•    Weddings

Got an occasion coming up? Hire their service-specific package today by getting in touch with the operators at Ultimate Party Bus & Limo.

An Array of Features to Add to the Luxury

What makes Ultimate Party Bus & Limo the ultimate private transportation service? Why choose them?

•    Luxurious Fleet of Vehicles – Luxury is luxury; there are no compromises. Every assigned vehicle is in top notch condition from the inside out.

•    Professional Experience – From uniformed chauffeurs to friendly customer service staff, they follow all of the principles of excellence in all of their professional dealings with you.

•    Safety First – Screened, trained chauffeurs, regularly serviced vehicles and confidentiality guaranteed with every trip.

•    Off Peak Discounts – Get more for less with our amazing off peak discounts. To know more about our discount packages, get in touch with our staff today.

•    Entertainment – From music of your choice to a movie screening and from a well-stocked, wet bar to plenty of room on the dance floor, their party buses are designed to entertain.

At Ultimate Party Bus & Limo, one of a kind private transportation experience awaits you! Why choose anybody else?

Call 973-722-2111 today for more information.

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